[Special] Tjeerd van Erve tips De Affaire 2011 (part 1)

“If I felt like writing a small article on “De Affaire” for the Incubate blog”, was the question that Joost Heijthuijsen dropped on me the other day. Eager as always to drop my words wherever and whenever there is space, I immediately said yes. But then, running trough the program of “De Affaire”, the dilemma started. Joost didn’t ask me to write a book, booklet nor an essay on the sevenday festival in Nijmegen. No, the assignment was simple and clear; point out five must see acts. So here I am, halfway the second day and I already have six artists in mind. In some sense this could only make my job easier. My article could stop here with the advice to go to “De Affaire”. Take a train, step in the car, step on your bike or walk – you surely won’t be the only one walking in the area – and go. But that would be me avoiding real work, taking decisions.


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