The Fire Harvest – The Fire Harvest

There is this moment in the self-titled album of The Fire Harvest when you most likely will be cursing the quartet. Cursing them wholeheartedly from the depths of your soul. During the fifty-sixth second of the fourth minute in the fourth song on their debut you’ll feel betrayed. Betrayed for there is no fifty-sixth second in that fourth minute. Even though Secret Holy Place (that specific fourth song of three minutes and fifty-five seconds) has one of the best slow-core grooves of this year going on. The Fire Harvest lets the song die, starve slowly in a fade out. A fade out that comes ten minutes (too) early, because even on repeat that song is cut too short and you as a listener are left wanting. Wanting and waiting for more. Frustrated, as a junky who has set the needle but never got to the rush, the high or the damage. A trip cut short, the meditation broken.

In the line of artists like Low, Mount Eerie, Codeine, early Songs: Ohia and Karate, The Fire Harvest likes to take it slow (real slow). Two distorted guitars shriek and pound long stretched chords, whilst a drummer refrains from drumming most of the time and the vocalist proclaims his lyrics more than he sings them. Songs that have the same intensity as, and somehow remind me of, Dutch slow-core kings Solbakken (The Sounds In Our House and Laywer_Killer) pass by and just tear me apart. As with Solbakken, The Fire Harvest are mostly unknown in the Netherlands, but create a sound and – more importantly – an atmosphere that is comparable with the international sadcore/slow-core/whatever you want to name these bands that keep speed low and repetition high in their songs. Unknown (in which format does play a role, The Fire Harvest came on a limited Walkman with cassette), but nonetheless a gem to cherish.

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