Bailterspace – Strobosphere

Records that deserve recognition, there are many amongst those records that I have forgotten or shoved aside for a later moment. A later that of course never came. But, as with most people in December, I have been looking back on the past year. Which for me came with playing a broad selection of records I have received or bought over 2012. First only the sixty something Dutch release on shuffle, but the last week I just started 2012 at the A of A.C. Newman and proceeded from` there. Which after some hours brought me to Bailterspace and the ninth release of this New Zealand band, Strobosphere. Their first release since self-titled compilation in 2004 containing the first newly recorded material since 1999.

Eleven new songs that brings together the best of The Pixies, Seam and Dinosaur Jr. in one New Zealand trio. Indie-rock as played in the early nineties and the late eighties by the for mentioned bands, but also bands such as Hüsker Dü and others that are now considered highly influential and where mostly ignored or only known to a small group of music fanatics ‘back in the days’. Bailterspace being one of those bands, as they started playing in 1987 and actually were signed to two of the hot labels of the era, Matador and the small but influential New Zealand label Flying Nun. And even now, 25 years later, the band manages to make it sound vivid, wild and fresh.

Not a tone on Strobosphere sounds outdated or out of place in 2012, or for that matter 2013. Probably also because we are in the middle of a (nineties) noisepop, shoegaze and indierock revival, with band such as Cloud Nothings combining riffs and sounds of The Wipers, Superchunk and Seam into new songs and being hailed for that as the saviours of punk, indie and whatsoever. Or the Belgian band Believo! that revives the noiserock of Hüsker Dü and Sugar with an extra spark of noise and anger, still leaving the sunlight in. And also METZ that makes you believe it is 1991 all over again. Anyway, Bailterspace perfectly fits in, and should be hailed for that as well, if only because Strobosphere beats many of these revival bands in a unique and different sound. And therefor is but one of those records that should not have been missed out on in 2012.

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