Kleinindustrie – Hit It

It has been a few months ago since Joep van Son (who you could – or actually should – know as lead singer and guitar player of The Sugarettes, Nikoo, [V] and probably several other projects) recommended Kleinindustrie to me. They had just released a digital five song ep, their third already in 2012.

Ever since, I’ve been playing this ep occasionally. But with the recent demise of Wooden Constructions in the back of my head I thought it was the right time to pay attention to this Amsterdam post punk/noise rock trio. Taking inspiration from the (New York) no wave and noise rock scene of the mid 1980s, Kleinindustrie betray their love for Sonic Youth in the title song of this ep. This could easily be a lost track from the Bad Moon Rising, Evol or Sister recordings with its sharp, a tonal noise melodies.

It would be too easy and unfair to simply call Kleinindustrie a replica. They play with their influences and mould them into new forms. Somewhat like Serbian sibling Repetitor, this trio took from their parents what they like and made their own unique brand of broken down and chaotic noise out of it. Opener “Repetition” blend the pulsating repetitive mechanics of kraut rock with some fierce biting guitar noise. The band devises a subdued threatening atmosphere with the more brooding, energetic psych noise of S-s-sensational, slowly building up tension towards explosions that never come.

A method they perfected with Here Comes Limbo John. For most of the song’s duration, an eruption lurks around the corner, only to finally fade into Untitled. Chaos By Now has become the trio’s main point of interest. Somewhere there is a song in there, you know it, you hear it. But the three-piece broke it down at rehearsals and teared it to pieces, as if to say, “figure it out yourself”. Before falling into their obvious Sonic Joke, Hit It, applies the colour, jargon and song structure of New York’s noise rock-godfathers and reforming it as Kleinindustrie from Amsterdam, bringing New York back to its undeniable Dutch roots and origin.


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