Prinsjesdag Assignment Atheneum 4

The third Tuesday of September is known as Prinsjesdag. It is the day the cabinet presents the plans for the upcoming year and further. For your first entry on the wordpress page each member individually is going to write an article on Prinsjesdag. In this article you have to

1) Make clear what is Prinsjesdag (use your book, page 106)
2) Explain what is the role of the king in Prinsjesdag.
3) Explain what is the Miljoenennota, and what is the purpose of the Miljoenennota.
4) Give a short impression of the plans of the cabinet for the upcoming parliamentary year.
5) give your reaction on two of the plans of the cabinet as presented in the Miljoenennota, using arguments.

This will be the first entry for each member of the group on the wordpress. This means that 15.00 Thursday, 26 – 9 I find three or four entries on the page.


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