Hall Of Fame – Little Berlin in Tilburg

Here we are, Hall Of Fame; a youth centre, a hide out for the subversive, a skatepark – mostly a skatepark – and a small stage. Dogs wander in and out the old factory hall based on the defunct marshalling yard of the NS – still the biggest railroad company of the Netherlands – whilst skaters manoeuvre through them and their – mostly older – owners. Signs on the wall saying “Do Not Skate Here” are considered wall decoration to be ignored, as are the symbols telling you you have entered a non-smoking zone. Personnel, considered misfits, drop-outs or too subversive in other places, kindly remind the youngsters of the rules, which they then silently oblige even though you see the boys (and occasional rolling girl) think; Why walk, when you’ve learned how to ride?.
There is a hint of freedom in the air, like in those old cultural squatting centres. That feeling that any second something can, no will happen, almost an autonomous zone. A feeling cultivated by the architecture, which mostly left the old factory in tact, with the tow bridge still – dysfunctional, I guess – still floating in the air. A perfect hang out for adolescents to grow in to young adults that’ll make the changes in a later stage of the life. And a perfect backdrop for your better independent rock, away from the hassle in a place where pints of beer are still reasonably priced. “Berlin……, I heard people whisper during Incubate, with little sparks of love in their eyes. But this is Tilburg, a city which cultural life is typified by its citizens initiative. A city where top down is distrusted, not out of ideology but by nature.


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