Those Foreign Kids – Zero Gravity Somersaulting Craze

Horrified. Its ears in the neck, every muscle in its tiny body tensed, ready to jump and its eyes spurred wide open, searching for the easiest but mostly the quickest escape route. The same reaction every time, my cat dislikes Those Foreign Kids, hates them and each moment that I started playing Zero Gravity Somersaulting Craze it leaves, no, flees the living room.

The high pitched distorted guitars, the piercing, ferocious drums and the constant volume explosions that noise rock duo Those Foreign Kids offers on their debut longplayer must be an auditive hell for the poor feline. Torment to the little tiger’s ears but a sweet sour blessing to mine, sweet sour with a touch of hot chili peppers sauce.


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Opgeslagen onder CD recensies, English, Luifabriek, Nederland

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