Verdwaald in Ponoka, a Dutch-Canadian Lost in Translation

Teach your children well, their parents hell will slowly go by

A book rests on my table, Verdwaald In Ponoka, the accompanying cd has found its way to the player. Memories of an immigrant youth in another world captured in word, image and music. In 1985 the family De Gier decided to challenge their luck and start a new life in Canada, back to farming as the De Giers’ had done for generations back. An adventure that they should’ve started, according to father De Gier near the end of his life. Or at least, so the book sleeve says.

But it is this adventure that gave birth to Verdwaald In Ponoka, a book that reads like a follow up on the famous Dutch real life show Ik Vertrek. A show that follows families that try to start a new life abroad, hopeful and full of dreams when they leave. But to all viewers it’s apparent that the dream is soon to perish when the economic and cultural reality kicks in. In Verdwaald In Ponoka reality did kick in, and hard. Hard enough for the family De Gier to return to the Netherlands, done farming.


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