Broeder Dieleman – Gloria

Everyone who’s ever met broeder Dieleman in person knows that the almost 6 foot 6 Zeeuw is a beacon of rest. His thoughtful, soft spoken words reflect his personality. Yet his rolling roaring laughter are outings of a joy in life and work. It’s downright contagious.

When you find yourself in Dieleman’s vicinity, you’ll witness a life that’s brighter and lighter. Darker, more cynical thoughts drift back like clouds making place for the sun. Just don’t take this Dutch Big Friendly Giant for someone who is naive or always at ease. On the contrary: he is thoughtful, self-aware and not without the necessary self-reflection. He often sees things wit a broader perspective. But all of this is overshadowed by a love for life and living beings.




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Opgeslagen onder CD recensies, Luifabriek, Nederland

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