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The World Of Dust – Womb Realm

It’s October and the weather has turned cold. I’m taking my nightly stroll, walking the day off to get some peace of mind. This night I’m accompanied The World Of Dust, music to emphasise the coming of Autumn. 
Womb Realm is the second solo album of Stefan Breuer -producer, bass player of I Am Oak, guitarist in Lost Bear, all round musician and the main man behind The World Of Dust – and it is a small mystical gem. Eight slow, short and fragile songs, basically build around a soft fingerpicked acoustic guitar. 
Dreamy, layered songs that make my stroll in the yellowish street lightning cinematic, as if I’m the somewhat lost protagonist in a movie about loneliness in big city life. That cinematic feel has been created by Todd Tobias, who has added synths to the small and personal songs of Breuer. Additions that feel like the wind, bringing in extra intimacy into the soul searching sketches of The World Of Dust; a wonderful combination that makes the songs intriguing little strolls on their own. Eight short walks through the life of Breuer, strolls in which he sometimes is accompanied by Thijs Kuijken of I Am Oak or Julien Pras of Mars Red Sky but are always his strolls. And tonight I walk along, enjoying harvest, enjoying Hyenas, and finding peace of mind with The World Of Dust warming my heart twenty-one minutes long.  

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