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Avery Plains – The Gloomy Ones/Lost My Sight To Spider

In the unlikely event that Dinosaur Jr. would ever join up with a reincarnation of The Screaming Trees to record some songs together, they’d probably sound like Avery Plains. They combine the dark and swampy sound of team Lanegan with sharp indie and noise rock of fighting brothers Barlow and Mascis (and silent witness, Murph). Loud and ferocious like, any band with four guitars on eleven. A racket, in the most positive sense of the word.

The Gloomy Ones, our introduction to this band from Groningen, incorperates two fiercely smashing guitars, a wild but melodic bass guitar and a third lead guitar sounding very much like Medicine and My Bloody Valentine; loud, piercing, noisy, yet extremely melodic. Amidst all this pumping and thumping noise, Jurgen Veenstra’s dark and warm voice brings a calm backdrop, like the eye of a storm. This is actually where Veenstra’s vocal delivery comes closest to Lanegan, in tone ánd in intention, emitting the same subdued rage.
On the flip side, Avery Plains shows yet another face by adding a rough country feel to their grungy sound. But Lost My Sight To Spider is menacing all the same, not the least because of its well-balanced backing vocals. Giving it an extra heavy, stalking doomsday vibe. Something’s afoot, so brace yourself…

The single will be released on the 6th of April by Dutch underground label Subroutine Records and can already be pre-order on their site.

One can already hear The Gloomy Ones on the bandcamp of Avery Plains.


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