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Avery Plains – The Gloomy Ones/Lost My Sight To Spider

In the unlikely event that Dinosaur Jr. would ever join up with a reincarnation of The Screaming Trees to record some songs together, they’d probably sound like Avery Plains. They combine the dark and swampy sound of team Lanegan with sharp indie and noise rock of fighting brothers Barlow and Mascis (and silent witness, Murph). Loud and ferocious like, any band with four guitars on eleven. A racket, in the most positive sense of the word.

The Gloomy Ones, our introduction to this band from Groningen, incorperates two fiercely smashing guitars, a wild but melodic bass guitar and a third lead guitar sounding very much like Medicine and My Bloody Valentine; loud, piercing, noisy, yet extremely melodic. Amidst all this pumping and thumping noise, Jurgen Veenstra’s dark and warm voice brings a calm backdrop, like the eye of a storm. This is actually where Veenstra’s vocal delivery comes closest to Lanegan, in tone ánd in intention, emitting the same subdued rage.
On the flip side, Avery Plains shows yet another face by adding a rough country feel to their grungy sound. But Lost My Sight To Spider is menacing all the same, not the least because of its well-balanced backing vocals. Giving it an extra heavy, stalking doomsday vibe. Something’s afoot, so brace yourself…

The single will be released on the 6th of April by Dutch underground label Subroutine Records and can already be pre-order on their site.

One can already hear The Gloomy Ones on the bandcamp of Avery Plains.

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traumahelikopter – traumahelikopter

Ruwe, ongepolijste en energieke rammelrock; de afgelopen jaren lijkt haast uit het niets een nieuwe golf aan garagerock en punkbands over het muzieklandschap heen te spoelen.

Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall en hele vloot aan jongemannen gewapend met een gitaar, fantastische riffs en verslavende hooks in hun slipstream veroveren optreden na optreden, plaat op plaat nieuwe zieltjes

Ook Nederland heeft zo haar eigen lading nieuwe rockhelden. Mozes & The Firstborn uit Eindhoven, dat onlangs bij Top Notch heeft getekend, en traumahelikopter uit Groningen (Noord) lopen voorop. Na twee singles op Kogar Records en Kuriosa rammelt het trio, bestaande uit twee gitaristen en een drummer met een half drumstel, nu zijn eerste titelloze langspeler vol.


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Incubated XL in 013 en Cul de Sac

Zeven bands en één dj op één avond verspreidt over twee zaaltjes slechts van elkaar gescheiden door een weg en een pleintje. Tjeerd van Erve deed voor The Post Online verslag van Incubated XL op 11 januari en zag er zes hoogtepunten van Eurosonic, speciaal voor het Tilburgse publiek geselecteerd door de programmeurs van Incubate en 013.

White Fang in Cul de Sac

Doofheid vs. opgespoten lippen
Ah mai, wat waren het eind van de jaren 1980 mooi. De zon scheen altijd, college rock was booming, Sonic Youth bracht een meesterwerk uit, een stel geflipte studenten bedachten dat het wel een leuk idee was om in een band genaamd Trottoir te gaan spelen en de leden van Mile Me Deaf speelden in de zandbak (als ze al geboren waren). Onbevangen tijden waren het, waarin alles puur was, eerlijk en een mooi liedje gewoon een mooi liedje zonder opgespoten lippen en een goede marketingmachine. Tien snaren, een paar potten, pannen en drie mannen met een liedje en een drive deze overal te spelen, tot de doofheid erop volgt; Mile Me Deaf.


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Vox Von Braun – Rich And On Wheels

When listening to the second record of Vox Von Braun the first time, the first refrain of The Joker, by this other Dutch band Woody And Paul, springs to mind. A very earthly explanation why their success is what it is(n’t).

I wasn’t born in the USA

And everything went wrong

I never made it to the walk of fame

But still I’m going strong

Four lines that might as well be applied to Vox Von Braun. Any band coming from either United States or Great-Britain would have been hailed as the new saviours of indie rock music, the next big thing or the new Beatles, Rolling Stones or what ever sticks best on the cover of the NME. But the adventurous mix of shoegaze, garage-rock and great hooks has its roots in the higher parts of The Netherlands, Groningen.

Only half a week – during Eurosonic/Noorderslag – the town is the pounding heart of rock ‘n’ roll and pop-culture, but outside of this four days long “New Year’s meeting” of the music press, bookers and other important figures in The Business it is mostly a student city with an outstanding taste in music, a legendary concert hall and (in the same street) very sympathetic and specialised record-store. This all might be a perfect soil for an adventurous indie-rock band, but not the best fertiliser for eternal success and grand exposure.

Talking of exposure, that will be even less if you release your album just days before Christmas, again in Groningen. A big fat middle finger to the music industry or low self-esteem of a band that only believes to have created a record for friends and family. Whatever the case, good music has its manner of finding its way to the wanting and willing listener.

Attention that Rich And On Wheels certainly deserves. Not really sticking to one style, Vox Von Braun one moment sounds like The Butthole Surfers playing sixties bubblegum and the other switches to a mix of Pavement with Jesus And The Mary Chain trying to record a dirty as hell garage hard rock song. There is constant tongue-in-cheek feel to all the songs. Take the title song, a sixties sunshine beat pop tune with cynical lyrics on a gold-digger that sticks with her man because of his wallet

In Pitch Black one can almost see a bikers-pack driving of into the setting sun, supported by a heavy pounding stoner riff that burns tracks of rubber in your speakers. This while in a song like Jezebel Vox Von Braun just took a mix of drugs that sent Syd Barrett and Peter Green in to their mental crises. Audacious songs, but some how on the verge of sanity; Vox Von Braun at first seems to be a rather easy listen, but has a long line of sonic and productional surprises if one takes a more careful listen. Catchy with a hint of ludicrousness, Rich And On Wheels is an album that can appeal to a more mainstream audience as well as those looking for the dare-devils in pop music.

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Traumahelikopter – Kids/Bad Day 7″

The best way for a drummer to stick around with Traumahelikopter is to not learn or unlearn how to drum. Two toms and a crash is all you need to be able to play and preferably not with too many variations. The trio hailing from the upper north of the Netherlands wants to sound like a racket; dirty, sweaty and catchy as hell. Two guitars, two singers and a guy who beats two pots and a pan. Reminiscent of lofi blues punk bands such as The Oblivians, Traumahelikopter perfectly fits the current garage rock wave lead by Ty Segall playing catchy pop tunes in an uncompromising and forward focused fashion. Bad ass pop tunes that rock like a boat on full sea in the midst of Sandy.

In the last few years they have conquered many rock ’n roll heart with simple, raw and pure rock ’n roll, leaving a small film of sweat and passion on every stage they stood on, solo or as opening act of Mikal Cronin, Segall and the likes.

A passion which is also captured in Kids and Bad Day on the 7″ preceding their self-titled full length debut. Both are taken from the record and not only capture the essences of the band’s live performances, but also give a clear idea of the 28 minutes of sheer garage punk that this full length is going to give. Especially Kids is one of those fist-pumping-shout-a-long garage rock anthems that immediately can be sung along and never leave your audio memory again. One of the best out of the eleven tunes on the debut, but the other ten (including Bad Day) will be amongst the best and dirtiest rock songs you are about to hear in 2013.

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