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Space Siren – Mr Wagner, Please Give Us A Call

Salmiak en suiker. In kleine bolletjes verpakte smaakexplosies, die na een proces van nauwkeurig en voorzicht zuigen door een klein gaatje in de suikerwand in een scherpe golf door het zoet heen snijden.

Een heerlijk contrast in smaken. Het debuut van Space Siren, in 2005 geboren uit de restanten van Seesaw, is als zo’n salmiaksnoepje. Met Mr Wagner, Please Give Us A Call van begin tot einde gevuld met zoetgevooisde pop, scherp snijdende shoegaze en noiserockgitaren floreert de band uit Voorhout in contrast.
De zwoele, soms angstig verleidelijke stem van Gwendolien Douglas (ergens tussen Kim Gordon en Kim Deal) wordt als door een psychiatrische dwangbuis omwonden met snerpende geluidsgolven. Daar onder drumt drumster Duivenvoorde de overgebleven kieren haast dwangmatig dicht.


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The Sweet Release Of Death – Haze

It is damned sweet when a band name, the title of a record or the name of a song covers the content of the song completely. There is no need whatsoever to describe the music, no need to write a review. Just state the title of the song, say it says it all and go about your own business. Go to the pub, have a beer or go and see a show from some other kick-ass band.

My Dying Bride is such a band. No need to explain anything, anyone with a brain understands that you’ll be in for a heavy dark ride when you dive the needle in to their records. Or Space Siren, with a band name like that it is obvious that there will be a female voice singing over some psychedelic guitar tracks. Personally I have never met any sirens, but trusting the myths I have come to the conclusion that none of them are male.

Haze, from the Rotterdam trio The Sweet Release Of Death, has everything in the name to make a description or review unnecessary. It is a heavy, dark and hazy shoegaze track. Two and a half minutes of melodic guitar noise with playful bass lines and a warm tenor male voice, backed up by an even warmer female voice. The song bears the stamp of Corno Zwetsloot producing methods, with characteristic clear noisy guitar lines and pushing drums in the heart of the mix. Zwetsloot, known for his work as producer at Next To Jaap Studio, as guitarist of Space Siren and is most likely the man that every – beginning – Dutch indie band dreams of working with, completes the picture that puts the first recording of The Sweet Release Of Death on a spot somewhere between a noisier Superchunk and a speedier Seam. Fitting both song title and band name alike, Haze is a promising song for whatever will follow from this dark and threatening shoegaze trio. Apparently something worth looking out for is a brewing in Rotterdam.

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