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Social Studies – Practical Assignment

For this assignment you are going to work in groups of four and with this group you will have to create and maintain a weblog on social problems. The issues that you discuss on this weblog (your own WordPress page) will a) fit the topicality, and b) fit with the subject that we are discussing in the class (so when we are working on Parliamentary Democracy the subject on the weblog will be elections, politics in general, formation etc etc etc and when the chapter is Rule Of Law it can be police, law cases or anything that fits the rule of law).

Each week Thursday at 15.00 hours a new weblog entry has to be posted. You work by rotation, which means that each member of the group has to write a piece for the blog every four weeks.

Each entry has to fit the following conditions:

A) The subject of the entry has to be on the current news,

B) There is a brief description/summary of the subject/issue in which you also describe all the participants in the issue,

C) There is an analysis of the problem,

D) There is a well funded opinion on the issue.

Try to write the articles with a pun, so it is nice to read, slightly in the sense of a column.

On page 14-15 you find an analysis diagram that can help you analyse social problems. You will need this diagram or at least the handles that are given in this diagram to work on this assignment.

Each entry will be scored on the above mentioned conditions, use of English and creativity in writing. The end mark will be based on all personal entries and the way you as group work on this group blog. The group mark will be 30% of your personal mark. You will ONLY receive a mark for the total at the end over the year.


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